oh sorry i was thinking about myself did you want something

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I ship myself with academic success and contentment

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wish i was witty and cute but instead im sarcastic and annoying

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i just almost missed my train because i was taking a personality quiz to find out what fruit I am

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14 was 2000 years ago

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  • iPhone user: I'm so excited to get the iPhone 6
  • Android user: Why do people with iPhones think they're so much better than everyone else
  • iPhone user: I just like this pho-
  • Android user: The Samsung Anus5000 had that screen *snort* like 2 years ago! *glomping noise* How are you enjoying 2012 you mindless sheeple?? *uses inhaler to suppress incoming asthma attack*
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Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us.

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rumbelle meme | five quotes [4/5]
↳ “What?! I mean, first, you tell me I let the pirate live! Now you’re telling me I fall for the help!”
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